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Yoga Class Testimonial

I have been practising Yoga with Becky since March 2019. Becky is quite simply a fantastic teacher. Becky's passion for her practice, and sharing that with others is so clear in all of her lessons, and she is an authentic and caring teacher. When I first started in the class, Becky made me feel so welcome, and even though I was a total beginner, she very quickly made me feel comfortable, and explained things in a way that was clear and understandable. Despite there being a big range of abilities in the class, Becky seems to be able to transition with ease between helping a total beginner, and guiding much more advanced students, all within the same class. Throughout my lessons with Becky, I have really appreciated that she doesn't separate people in to classes based on ability or experience, which I really enjoy, as seeing other more advanced people doing their practice really helps to give a sense of how we can all develop.

During lockdown, Becky very quickly adapted to launch her schedule via Zoom, so that we could all keep to our regular Yoga practice. For me personally this was a really helpful constant in a very uncertain world. My ability to connect with Becky and others in my class whilst doing something I love was a really huge help. Since being able to reopen, I have very much enjoyed being back in the shala, and feel completely comfortable that Becky has put excellent safety measures in place to allow us to practice in a comfortable and healthy environment.

I have learnt so much in such a short time, and am really enjoying developing week in and week out, as Becky always ensures to move us on in our practice when we are ready to do so. Becky often mixes things up by teaching us new things to add in to our self-practice, and this is fantastic. Becky is also really good at reading a room, and she will often adapt the class if she feels people need a more gentle, or more energised flow, her compassion and deep understanding of others is clear in this regard.

I simply would not go anywhere else for my yoga lessons.

Sarah F

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