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Yoga Class Testimonial

My wife and I have been doing Yoga with Becky for what will be two years in January. We wanted to find an activity we could do together and the opening of the Shala was perfect timing.

From the moment we met Becky and took our first class we knew we had made a great choice. Becky has great patience, she has no end of modifications for postures and knows when to allow you to advance them. I have realised to improve I need to have the same patience and know Yoga is a life long practice. I have and will continue to recommend Becky to others. Age or injury is no barrier to start your journey. Personally I have had two knee operations and a compound fracture of my Leg which has resulted in nerve damage, arthritis and limited flexion. I thought I wouldn't be able to do half of the poses but can once again balance on the leg that 8 years ago I almost lost! Yoga is also a great way to take your mind away from everyday stress and just reset, I always sleep well after class!

So from myself and Maria thank you so much! As long as you are teaching we will be coming along!

Paul and Maria

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