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Yoga Class Testimonial

I started my yoga classes with Becky, when I was 5 months pregnant. I'd tried yoga before, but it wasn't serious. So everything was new to me. We were practicing for 3 times per week during 4 months. I couldn't say in words how it helped me!!!! No back pain, no swollen, no extra weight, nothing! I felt and looked like normal woman just with small tummy:-) Week by week I was becoming stronger and stronger. We did breathing techniques, a lot of exercises for legs, for pelvic floor, for arms and for a back. I finished my practicing on 37 week. So when the labour day came I was totally prepared. It took me 15 minutes to give birth, without contractions period. So if you're pregnant and thinking about yoga classes, I can tell you, that Becky's the best!

Marina, Russia

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