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Yoga Class Testimonial

Go for the Yoga, Stay for the Care

There are many very positive reviews on The Little Yoga Room (Phuket). I want to double confirm that Becky is an awesome and inspiring instructor, who gets you into poses you never thought you would be able to. One of those rare individuals that puts you at ease with just a couple of words, she also responds to any inquiries in real time, a huge plus for me.

The yoga shala is genuine and offers a tranquil atmosphere. The open space is blessed with breezes, and there are fans should the heat get the better of you. It is conveniently located near the Phuket zoo, so all taxi drivers know how to get there.

What will see me return in addition to the yoga are the NLP sessions, which definitely helped me face some issues that had not been addressed in a very long time, and that probably would have never been addressed without Becky's expert guidance. Thank you Becky!

Maria, Bangkok

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