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Yoga Class Testimonial

Absolutely fabulous Little Yoga Room

I had wanted to join a Yoga class since I first arrived in Phuket, It took me quite some time as it was difficult to find a class to fit in with my family schedule and I was also a little bit apprehensive about being the new student and not being able to follow instructions. Like many people I guess i just kept putting it off!!! I really didn't know what to expect as I had previously been to large classes in Bangkok where not much attention was paid to each individual I finally found Becky!!! Her class is perfect for me as a Mum as it fits in with the school run and is in such a great location. When I arrived Becky quickly put me at ease and guided me through all the postures. I have now been practicing with Becky for over a year and always look forward to going and seeing the results.

Jeanette, mother, teacher. UK

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