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Yoga Class Testimonial

Excellent yoga session in Phuket! Now I'm hooked on Ashtanga.

I've done yoga on and off for years but had never become serious about my practice until I spent some time in Bali. Arriving in Phuket just after that, I was eager to find a yoga studio and, even though I had never done Ashtanga, the reviews of Becky and the Little Yoga Room made her my first call... I'm so glad!

Becky came to our hotel in Surin Beach to lead me and my friend in a session. She arrived right on time with mats and towels for us, and we immediately took to her warm, lovely spirit.

I had been a bit nervous because years of back problems have left me stiff and not very flexible, but Becky was wonderful and worked with me and my friend individually throughout the Primary Series, suggesting and ensuring adjustments as we each needed them.

I fell in love with Ashtanga during this session, and I've now been practicing this style of yoga regularly since I returned to Los Angeles. If only Becky could have come back to Los Angeles too! She is an outstanding teacher, and I recommend her most highly!

Anita, in the Movie biz. LA

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