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Hi I'm Becky. I'm here to help you feel calmer, have more balance and reconnect with yourself.

I have been teaching yoga full time since 2010 and became a TRE Provider in 2018.

Having spent 12 years in Asia working, studying and running my own yoga shala in Phuket, I wanted to bring all that I learnt back with me to the UK. I founded Wellness With Becky in 2017 and opened the Wellness with Becky Yoga Shala in Horsforth in 2019.

Before becoming a TRE Provider and a Yoga Teacher, I used to have panic attacks and really high anxiety. Today, I live a much fuller, happier, calmer and balanced life. Do I still get stressed? ...of course. Do I still worry about things? ...yes. But the difference now is that I don't live in these places constantly, as I have the understanding and tools within myself to deal with it better. I have my Yoga, my TRE practice, grounding techniques and more, to help my nervous system calm down, rest and heal. And I look forward to sharing these techniques with you.

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Email: rebeccaantrobus80@gmail.com

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